• PNM --- The Energy Efficiency Program is a collection of customer offers that gives homeowners, business owners, and homebuilders discounts or rebates on products that save energy.


 http://www.pnm.com/rebates/ - click on link to rebates and discounts!



    1. Your electrical contractor is licensed and bonded http://public.psiexams.com/search.jsp
    2. Research your electrical contractor via Construction Industries Division http://www.rld.state.nm.us/cid/
    3. The electrician(s) and other electrical professionals the contractor has hired to do the work are properly certified for the work they are doing.
    4. Your electrical contractor has obtained the required permits and inspections for the work being performed.  For example, for the City of Albuquerque visit http://www.cabq.gov/planning/ (most cities have planning/zoning offices you can call to confirm permits, etc.)

    Safeguard your property by making sure...

    ...you have the proper permits and approvals, and/or check the status of any inspections by inspection office. Lack of proper documentation for electrical modifications may cause problems when you try to sell your property.


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